Why TMS is important for the customers?

A Transportation Management System (TMS), usually a software, helps companies transfer and manage domestic or international shipments from source to destination efficiently. TMS is globally popular especially among logistics companies to drive efficiency and information flow. Why TMS? It offers:
  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • Organized Transportation Management & Execution 
  • Better Optimization
  • Better Customer Service
  • Enhanced Warehouse and Distribution Efficiency
  • Excellent Features like Live Tracking and Tracing, Automated BOL, Data Error Elimination etc.
TMS makes a company ultra-efficient with its extremely helpful features.
If compared to traditional methods of transportation management, TMS offers more benefit to companies and customers. Companies generally use TMS to reduce freight spend but it undoubtedly offers more than that. It helps to eliminate data entry error and save money and time by catching duplicate payments. It provides the companies with supply chain visibility to give them the total control of their business. It helps them organize and execute transportation, give insights and measures their performance. One of its many features is automated Bill of Lading (BOL). It generates error-free BOLs and saves it as PDF making it easier to email. It also saves previously used addresses for fast retrieval. With these extremely helpful features, TMS makes a company ultra-efficient.
TMS improves the quality of customer service.

 TMS works exceptionally good for transportation companies but how does it benefit customers? TMS provides a variety of optimization tools and with the detailed analytics and reports it offers, companies get the ability to examine and refine their choices which affect the customer service in a positive manner. Let’s assume a company is confused between two carriers. It chooses both of them and let them deliver the freight for some time and TMS, with its reporting capability, tells the company not only about the time taken by both the carriers but also about the successful delivery rate. With everything before its eyes, the company can easily pick the best for its customers and increase the customer’s satisfaction and happiness making sure that they get the product on time. TMS also provides live tracking and tracing of the goods, links the carriers website and emails customer the important data they need to know.TMS thus helps logistics companies to deliver the excellent customer service.

From saving the important records for customer references to freight rate auditing, TMS organizes all the valuable information. This helps not only in enhancing warehouse or distribution efficiency but also in improving the quality of customer service. What more can transportation companies and their customers ask for? Needless to say, the above qualities make TMS the best logistics management tool.

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