Trucking: Then and Now

Like all the other industries, the trucking industry has seen many important changes over the years. The business of transporting goods from one place to another has become more advanced, controlled and regulated. Let’s have a look at how much has trucking changed over the time.

New Technology Drives More Efficiency 

Technology has improved efficiency and safety in the trucking industry.
One of the main changes that changed logistics system was more electronic engines.Twenty years ago you could get the spanner out and fix a truck but now you need a computer. Today the product is a lot more sophisticated. Efficiency and driver safety have both improved significantly.

More Connected

Better communication for better service.

  Trucking companies and drivers can remain in constant communication through text messages, e-mails and better cell phone reception. Also, radios on trucks are more sophisticated today.

Everything Automatic 

Almost everything has changed from manual to automatic for more comfort and accuracy.
Twenty years ago, the line haul trucks were all manual but now most of them are automatic which allows the driver to focus more on the road. There are ASR, EBS, ESC, adaptive cruise control and airbag suspensions along with auto transmissions.

Technology in Design

Everything quicker: from trucks to service.
The technology in trucks has come a long way. Tyres, wheels and rims are made of lighter compounds now for allowing better payloads to more horsepower. Twenty years ago, 450hp was seen as huge, today 750hp is huge. In today’s busy world, everybody wants everything quicker and the changes have helped make it easier.

More Comfort 

Comforts like heating and air-conditioning are there in every truck which sounded like a dream twenty years ago.
Seating has been improved immensely with new air ride technology, heating and lumbar supports, things that weren’t around twenty-five years ago. Now every truck has air-conditioning which sounded like a dream twenty years ago. To add to that, all trucks have air con and larger more comfortable sleepers now.

Trucking Laws 

For the safety of trucks and truckers.
Trucking laws have been made to ensure the safety and comfort of drivers. Truckers are now required by law to take breaks and stay within specific hours of service. A driver must rest for the mandated set of hours before continuing on the road again. This regulation has contributed to improving the safety of trucks and truckers alike.

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