Australian Logistics and Transportation: The New Period of Growth and Opportunities

According to the recent reports, there’s immense potential for growth in the Australian logistics. Australian logistics and transportation sector is believed to see expansion and growth in 2017 with the rapidly increasing trade opportunities overseas and within the country.

How to prepare for this new period of opportunities? 

According to a market report, the logistics and transportation market will be led by the export of iron ore and coal, as well as strong interest in education services and the tourism sector. The increasing interest in online shopping is also said to set a high increase in package delivery activity. 

Needless to say, companies in Australia have already started taking advantage of the emerging opportunities. New strategic plans are being made to boost growth in local transportation. 

Developing A Safe Industry


Changes to make industry more safe and open for female workers.

Those looking to be a part of the industry will be pleased to hear about the changes to make the industry more safe and open to female workers. In order to encourage greater gender diversity within the industry, the Australian Logistics Council (ALC) will hold a forum to discuss the current shortfalls and effective methods for action. 

 Increased Safetyconstruction-worker-concrete-hummer-vibrator-38600

Another recent announcement from the National Transport Commission (NTC) outlined reforms to chains of responsibility obligations to increase safety on Australian roads. The new policy will require all managing parties along the supply chain to take responsibility for risk measures and safety. To avoid overburdening the industry, the NTC will provide clearer and more flexible compliance requirements that will help clear up confusion and ambiguity for firms.

New Job Opportunities


The industry is experiencing strong demand and new growth.

The industry is in the fortunate position to be experiencing strong demand and growth, which results in increased job opportunities. The Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council has forecasted 151,000 job openings for the period 2013-17, with a corresponding employment growth rate of 1.8 percent a year. This is higher than the all industries rate of 1.4 per cent.

With many developments and much-needed changes, the Australian logistics and transportation sector seems ready to host high growth moving into 2017. 

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