5 Facts About Logistics And Trucking Industry 

Needless to say logistics and trucking industry is complicated. Nowadays, it’s not only about getting the goods from point A to point B but it has many included factors. Here are some interesting facts about this multi- million industry: 
Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags have become trending among 3PL providers. This technology uses wireless transmission of data to identify and track shipments.

◼ There is a significant truck driver shortage in Australia which can be doubled by 2025. 

◼ Australian Logistics contribute approximately 2% to Australian economy. 

◼ One out of nine traffic deaths result from collisions with large trucks. It is important to practice safe driving practices. 

◼ Nearly every industry relies on trucking directly or indirectly. If trucks stopped running, automobile fuel availability would slow, gas prices would increase and you can imagine the inconvenience.

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